Patria! Patria!

Words: Francisco Borja da Costa, 1975
Melody: Alfonso de Araujo
Arrangement: Chrissie Shaw

This anthem was written by Francisco Borja da Costa with music by Alfonso de Araujo for the declaration of the Democratic Republic of East Timor (Republica Democratica de Timor Leste, RDTL) on 28 November 1975. At that time East Timor was still formally under Portuguese rule, but Indonesian soldiers had been infiltrating for several months. Indonesia launched a full scale invasion on 7 December 1975, and on that day Francisco Borja da Costa and many other Timorese leaders were killed. Patria! Patria! has been the national anthem since the Restoration of Independence in 2002.


Pátria! Pátria!
Timor-Leste nossa naçâo!
Gloria ao povo è aos heróis
da Nossa Libertaçâo!

Vencemos a colonialismo
Gritamos: abaixo o imperialismo
Terra livre, povo livre,
Nâo, nâo â exploraçâo

Avante, unidos,
firmes e decididos.
Na luta contra o imperialismo,
O inimigo dos povos,
atè â vitória final,
pelo caminho da revoluçâo!


Fatherland, fatherland,
East Timor our Nation
Glory to the people and to the heroes
of our liberation

We vanquish colonialism,
We cry: down with imperialism!
Free land, free people,
No, no to exploitation

Let us go forward,
united, firm and determined
In the struggle against imperialism,
The enemy of people,
Until final victory,
Onward to revolution.

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